If you are enthusiastic and motivated to start up your own business, you must understand all the difficulties that an aspiring businessman has to face. The most difficult part is to find a location most suitable for your setup. In this age, UAE is currently hosting many business industries and inviting others as well by giving incentives to the businessmen. The working environment in UAE is competitive and supportive at the same time. The benefits and profitability of any business working in UAE are amazingly very high and Company Formation services is the best answer to all the queries of any prospective businessman.

Starting up a business in UAE is beneficial and easy but getting a little bit of guidance can make things amazingly smooth for the entrepreneurs. We, at Executive Business Solutions will provide you with the best consultation and help you through every step of the process. From getting work permissions to getting started with your setup in UAE, we will have your back.

Our services include,

  • Helping you in getting the documentation ready

  • Applying for work permits

  • Finding the best locations for the working of your business

  • Helping you with the workings of your business including financial

  • Helping in managing VAT etc.

  • Getting licenses

  • Applying for visas etc.

We will be there for you at every step, understanding the special needs of every client we work in accordance with the ease of our customers. There are many available working areas for any new startup in UAE including the free zones, mainland and offshore companies. Following are the most promising places to have your business set up in.

  • Ajman Free Zone

  • Fujairah Free Zone

  • Shams free Zone

  • Ajman Media City Free Zone

  • Abu Dhabi Main Land

  • Dubai Main Land

We are the one stop solution to all the guidance and services that you need. Hit us up and give your dreams a chance to become reality.


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