Sole Establishments-VAT Registration

Sole Establishments-VAT Registration

FTA Clarification VAT-Free Special Offer

FTA Clarification on VAT-FREE special offers

Entities to maintain Beneficial Ownership Register

The Cabinet Decision No. 58 of 2020 on the Regulation of Procedures related to Real Beneficiaries (“Law”) mandates UAE companies established in Mainland and non-financial free zones to prepare, maintain Beneficiary Ownership details including Register (hereinafter referred to as BOR) and submit details of the same to its Relevant Authority. Who is a Real Beneficary?

Reasons leading to FTA VAT Audit

This article will give you an overview of circumstances that lead to FTA’s VAT audit in UAE and also few records that need to be prepared and maintained for an tax audit. Process of FTA VAT Audit The process of VAT audit in UAE is done by the FTA (Federal Tax Authority) and the main

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