Commencing a new business requires enormous amount of planning but initially, having a mindset and deciding to start up a new business in UAE requires even more planning comparatively. Along with facilities and opportunities, there are responsibilities to be fulfilled and taken care of. Starting up a new business involves consideration of several things, and

There are different rules and legislations present in the UAE for different companies. Factors such as Company License, Company Structure etc. decide the various standards of the company. Therefore, the auditing standards for various companies are different as well. Companies need to keep all requirements in check in order to not face trials and penalties

The year 2019 has already seen a lot of changes in laws and regulations in the business and banking industry. New tax laws, variations in the Central Bank’s guidelines and changes in the bank compliance criteria can be labeled the major ones. Budding entrepreneurs planning to start or expand their business in the UAE will

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A Bad Debt is a loss that a company incurs when credit that has been extended to customers becomes worthless, either because the debtor is bankrupt, has financial problems or because it cannot be collected. During a transaction, the registered supplier charges VAT to the customer which is shown as output vat in its vat