Having your annual financial statements audited can be extremely beneficial for the steady working of your business. The reasons at the top of the list as to why you should be auditing the financial reports of your business include, commercial benefits like getting a good price for your business if you plan to sell it in future, staying in the good books of banks and getting financial opportunities, having a good relationship with your credit insurers and suppliers etc. But most importantly, there are certain businesses that have to submit the annual audit reports by law as well. We, at Executive Business Solutions, we provide you with one of the most reliable audit assurance consultancy services no matter where your business is located.

Being the best audit assurance consultants in UAE, we make sure that the reports are prepared by keeping in mind all the international standards of auditing. We prepare all the accounts according to the international financial reporting standards. We make sure that we make things easy for our clients, providing them with the best services helping them to get in line with their statutory obligations and to file their audited account in time.

We also provide certain other services keeping in account the needs of our clients. These include,

  • Compilations and reviews of audit reports

  • External audits

  • Risk management and audits of information systems

  • Internal audits

  • Control system reviews

  • Special audits required by banks, courts etc.

  • Audit for foreign companies required by the ministry of economy

  • Providing services for both offshore and free zone companies etc


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