Executive Business Solutions (EBS) is a UAE based specialist consultancy group focusing on Value Added Tax (VAT). EBS is equipped to guide all companies through the complexities of implementation and the day to day administration of all VAT matters. Our qualified team has decades of experience in dealing with VAT related matters from across numerous business sectors. No matter the size or industry, EBS is able to provide reliable and professional advice and support to ensure sustainable VAT management and compliance.

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Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping

Smart Accounting
Smart accounting and bookkeeping enable you to look back at your historical records and analyse the progress and expansion of your business, thus facilitating proactive strategies for future growth.

Outsourcing Accounts
With advent of technological advancement and as a measure to reduce operational cost, these days outsourcing of business services has become most popular way of getting best professional services at a minimal cost. Many business enterprises prefer to outsource their accounting services to third party. Executive Business Solutions help its clients to offer these services.

Payroll & HR Services

Payroll continues to be a primary area of focus for us, and as our portfolio expands, we are always on the lookout for new technologies that can help us drive value back to you, our partners, to help you meet new challenges and leave you better prepared for what lies ahead. Today, we are unveiling a new way to better manage your organization, to simplify and strengthen existing processes and not complicate them.

The system offers many advantages when compared to the current processes, and some examples are the following: payroll details/breakdown, end of service dues, vacation balances, salary slips, direct-employee-to-manager communication for requests, and much more.

MS Excel Solutions

Welcome to your resource for affordable and quality Microsoft Excel consulting.

As you are probably aware, Excel is an excellent tool for many different applications and business problems. Our custom solutions to meet your exact needs will generally save you considerable time and effort which can be expended elsewhere to add more value to your business. Depending upon the application, even a simple Excel solution could save 10 hours a month – which can quickly translate to $5,000 in annual savings.